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WP Squash

Contact PersonGlenda Erasmus

Tel:  021 674 6717
Fax: 021 674 6717
Email: administrator@wpsquash.co.za

WP Masters:
President: Andre Naude
Cel: 076-370-5436
Email: andrefnaude@yahoo.com



Finals: Men
: 1- Steve Coppinger (Kzn) bt 2- Clinton Leeuw (WP) 11-5 11-5 11-8.

Women: 1-Siyoli Waters (WP)bt 5/8- Alexandra Fuller (WP)  11-4 11-3 11-7

Plates: Men : Main Plate: Jason Kershaw(N) bt  Dylan Groenewald (E) 9- 11 11-7 11-6 12-10, Qualifying : 1st Plate :  Richard Middleton(CG)  bt Kevin de Lange (E)  11-7 14-12 11-9, 2nd Plate : Marko Fourie (N) bt Devon Savage (E) 11-9 11-8 11-9, Consolation Plate: S Ncube (CG) bt M Cross (CG) 6-11 11-3 11-6 11-4  

Women :  1st Plate: Emily Mennie (Midlands ) bt  Mariska Wiese (CG) 12-14 12-10 11-7 4-11 11-8, 2nd Plate: Lume Landman (EP) bt Michelle Kohne (N)  11-6 13-11 11-6  

Top seeds Steve Coppinger and Siyoli Waters lifted the respective men’s and women’s titles at the S A National Squash Championships when the finals were played at the wanderers Club, Johannesburg.

Ranked 16 in the world, Coppinger needed 32 minutes to  subdue second seeded Clinton Leeuw  11-5 11-5 11-8 and clearly showing the huge stride he has made in the past year moving in to the world’s top 20 players. No matter how hard Cape Town’s Leeuw tried to dictate play, Coppinger answered with tighter, deeper drives or energy-sapping placings to which the Capetonian could find no answers.

Coppinger has now won 6 out of 7 finals pulling ahead of both Craig van der Wath’s and Glenn Whittaker’s four wins apiece.

In a similar fashion Siyoli Waters, ranked 34 in the world, captured her first senior national title when she outgunned her 19 year old Western Province teammate, Alexandra Fuller  11-5 11-3 11-7. Fuller may have been showing the effects of her lengthy well merited five game victory over second seeded Cheyna Tucker in the semi finals but she could not penetrate Water’s all round court craft fading out in 25 minutes


After the semi finals today (Friday), WP players feature massively in the finals of both the men and women sections. Of the four finalists, only SA Champion Steve Coppinger (who represents KZN at Jarvis) can be considered an "outsider", although he actually plays his club matches for Fishhoek and is resident in Cape Town when not travelling overseas. 

Of the four, Steve, Clinton and Siyoli were seeded to play in the finals, but the surprise was young Alex Fuller beating the 2nd seed (Cheyna Tucker) in the semi's to claim her spot in the finals, where she will take on Kaplan Cup teammate, Siyoli, in the final. Alex has definitely stepped up a gear in her game recently, and thoroughly deserves her place in the final after her recent hard work with coach Paul Atkinson, and we look forward to a close tussle in the final against Siyoli.

Results : Semi-finals: Men: 1 Steve Coppinger (Kzn) bt 5/8- Christo Potgieter (SACD) 11-5 11-3 11-6,2-Clinton Leeuw (WP) bt ¾-Thoboki Mohohlo (CG) 11-4 11-7 7-11 9-11 11-7

Women: 1-Siyoli Waters (WP) bt ¾ Milnay Louw (N)  11-4 10-12 6-11 11-6 11-7, ¾ Alexandra Fuller (WP) bt 2 – Cheyna Tucker (CG) 11-7 3-11 13-11 6-11 12-10

Western Province,  whose men’s and women’s teams won the respective Jarvis and Kaplan Cup titles at the senior interprovincial championships in July, dominate the S A National squash finals providing 3 of the finalists The finals will be played on the All Glass Court at the  Wanderers Club on Saturday.

Top seeded Steve Coppinger will contest his seventh consecutive final – 6 of which he has won -  when he clashes with second seeded Clinton Leeuw, who lost to Coppinger in the 2010 final at the same venue.

In the semi-finals on Friday Coppinger, ranked 16 in the world, was far too  polished for Potgieter to make much indentation in his armour.  The entertaining match was dominated by Coppinger’s astute placings, which had Potgieter demonstrating his explosive agility and lightning reflexes, but Coppinger was always in control as he strolled through in straight games  11-5 11-3 11-6.

In contrast the semi-final between Leeuw and Thoboki Mohohlo,  which lasted 70 minutes, could have gone either way. Leeuw, presently based in Boston, USA where he is coaching, dominated the first two games 11-4 11-7, however Mohohlo had shown glimpses of what was in store. The third game saw the lanky Central Gauteng player assisted by some unforced errors from Leeuw race to 7-0.   Playing more consistent squash and to a better length, Leeuw fought back to 7-8 before Mohohlo applied more pressure and with string of controlled deep drives  held game point at 10-7 taking the game with an accurate cross court nick. With both players trying to control play, the fourth game developed into a duel of wits, which Mohohlo won, levelling the match at two games all. In the fifth game Mohohlo led 7-5 with victory and a big upset only 4 points away, but Leeuw dug deep and calling on his many years of disciplined play reeled in 6 consecutive points to win the match and his second appearance in a final.

The women’s semi-finals produced some of the best squash seen in women’s squash in the past few years.

Alexandra Fuller , a student at UCT, pocketed the first game surprisingly easily against the second seeded Cheyna Tucker of the University of Johannesburg, who seemed a little overawed by the occasion. Starting confidently and striking the ball harder, Tucker turned the tables, racing through the second game 11-3 against an opponent, who made far too many unforced errors.

In the third game both players were striking the ball with ease as the points seesawed with first  Fuller having a  game point at 10-9 which Tucker saved and she then proceeded to hold a game point at 11-10.  Fuller saved and collected the next 3 points to take a two games to one lead.

Tucker played her way back into the match winning the fourth game 11-6. Fuller took a early lead 4-1 which Tucker overturned and lead 6-4.Some determined retrieving had Fuller

lead 9-6 . The second seed, Tucker,  fought back and moved to her first match point at 10-6 but was unable to capitalise allowing Fuller back into the picture and she did not waste the opportunity, clinching the match with a hard low cross court at 12-10.

In her first senior national final Fuller meets last year’s finalist and provincial teammate Siyoli Waters , the top seed.

In another topsy turvy encounter Waters managed to get the better of Milnay Louw, who produced some of the best squash she has played this year.

Playing hard attacking squash and moving fluidly,Louw led 9-4 in the first game before her opponent, who is ranked 34 in the world, got into her stride and levelled at 9 all.  Louw eventually won the game 12-10. Despite some accurate placings from Waters, it was Louw who took the third game 11-6. Waters turned up the pressure in the fourth game dominating the play with attacking placings winning through also at 11-6 .The decider had Louw edging ahead 4-2, then 7-5 but the top seed caught back to 7 all and again dominated the play to pocket the game at 11-7 and enter her second national final.

The women’s final is at 11h00 followed by the men’s.        

S A National Squash Championships

Wanderers Club, Johannesburg 


Men: 2-Clinton Leeuw (WP) bt 5/8 –J P Brits (SACD) 11-8 11-3 11-6, ¾- Thoboki Mohohlo (CG) bt 5/8 Michael Wood (Bor) 11-13 11-8 11-8 11-5

Women: 1-Siyoli Waters (WP) bt 5/8 –Elani Landman (EP) 11-9 11-4 11-4, ¾-Milnay Louw (WP) bt 5/8 –Julie Lee (Kzn) 11-6 11-5 11-4
Remaining Quarters to be played on Thursday... 

2nd Round Tuesday 6th August 2013

Men: 1 – Steve Coppinger (Kzn) bt Gary Naidoo (Kzn) 11-3 11-7 11-4,5/8- Zuko Kubukeli (WP) bt Mike Tootill (CG) 0-11 11-4 11-9 9-11 11-8, 5/8-Christo Potgieter (SACD) bt Gary Wheadon (Kzn) 11-8 11-6 12-10, Devon Hendrickse (CG) bt ¾ -Rodney Durbach 11-8 4-11 15-13 11-5,3/4 Toboki Mohohlo (CG) bt Andrew Martin (Kzn) 11-5 11-7 11-9, 5/8-Michael Wood (Bor) bt Jimmy Schlebusch (SACD) 11-9 11-8 11-9, 5/8 JP Britz (SACD) bt Rudi Willemse (WP) 14-16 11-6 11-9 11-9,2- Clinton Leeuw (WP) bt Paul Cresswell 11-2 11-7 11-2

Women: 1-Siyoli Waters (WP) bt Michele Kohne (N) 11-3 11-3 11-2,5/8 –Elani Landman (EP) bt Bongi Seroto (CG) 11-2 11-2 11-2, ¾ -Milnay Louw (N) bt Angie Clifton Parks 11-2 11-1 11-7, 5/8-Julie Lee (Kzn) bt Maxine Gouweloos (Midlands) 11-5 11-1 11-7, 5/8- Robyn Baptiste (N) bt Nono Sekhoto (CG) 11-1 14-12 11-4, ¾ -Alex Fuller (WP) bt Lume Landman (EP) 6-11 11-3 11-6 11-5, 5/8- Karen Schultz (WP) bt Janice Harmse (CG) 11-5 11-6 11-8, 2-Cheyna Tucker (CG) bt Nicola Helwick (CG) 11-3 11-8 11-5

Quarterfinal Line-up Wednesday 7th August :; 17h30 : Women:  Milnay Louw vs Julie Lee: 18h15 Men : Thoboki Mohohlo vs Michael Wood, 19h00 Women: Siyoli Wwaters vs Elani Landman: 19h45: Men : ClintonLeeuw vs JP Britz.

First Round : Monday 5th August 2013:

CG unless otherwise denoted.

Men: 1- Steve Coppinger (Kzn) bt Sheldon Erasmus (SACD) 11-7 11-5 11-4, Gary Naidoo (Kzn) bt Jonathan Letlake 11-2 11-5 11-5, Mike Tootill bt Nell van der Merwe (N) 11-8 8-11 11-4 11-9, 5/8 Zuko Kubukeli (WP) bt Jacques Kruger (N) 11-8 11-5 11-2, 5/8 Christo Potgieter (SACD)  bt Jonathan Esteves (N) 11-7 11-2 11-7, Gary Wheadon (Kzn) bt Kyle Maree 12-10 11-4 11-2 , Devon Hendrickse bt Jason Kershaw (Kzn) 10-12 11-5 11-4 11-3, ¾- Rodney Durbach (WP)  bt Mick Gouweloos (Midlands) 11-3 11-5 11-4, ¾- Thoboki Mohohlo bt Charl Fourie (N) 11-5 11-9 11-4 ,  Andrew Martin (Kzn) bt Craig Stephens  (N)  11-8 15-13 11-8,  Jimmy Schlebusch (SACD) bt Craig Ruane (N) 11-9 11-8 11-6,5/8 – Michael Wood (N)  bt Jason Cole-Niven (E) 11-7 11-5 11-7, 5/8 –J P Brits (SACD) bt Munro Montanus (WP)  11-6  11-3 11-3, Rudi Willemse(WP)  bt Dylan Groenewald (E) 11-6 11-6 4-11 3-11 11-7, Paul Cresswell bt Adrian Hansen (Kzn) 11-7 9-11 9-11 11-9 13-11, 2- Clinton Leeuw (WP) bt Pano Hadji (N) 11-6 11-4 11-4.

Women:   Michelle Kohne (N) bt Emily Mennie (Midlands) 13-11 9-11 11-3 11-8, Angie Clifton Parks bt Daniela Di Rago 11-1 11-0 11-4 , Nono Sekhoto bt Jemma Dawson  12-10 11-3 9-11 9-11 12-10,Lume Landman  (EP) bt Metja Mohohlo 11-0 11-6 11-3, Janice Harmse bt Judy Usher (E)  11-4 8-11 5-11 11-5 11-8    

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