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WP Masters:
President: Andre Naude
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This list will be added to on a regular basis, so visit this page frequently.
  • Do not stretch cold muscles! You'll often hear people say "stretch before you play". More recent studies have shown that, although this advice is sound, you ought to WARM THE MUSCLES UP BEFORE STRETCHING! So, go for a short jog beforehand to get those muscles loose, THEN stretch!
  • Use the knock-up to assess your opponent's weaknesses. Test him/her with high lobs; hard drives; see how they deal with the ball that goes into the corner; is their forehand or backhand the weaker? Etc etc
  • USE your service to good effect! Do not simply serve in order to begin the next rally. Rather use it to your own advantage.
  • Get in front of your opponent. You do this by ensuring you hit good length drives, tight against the side-walls! Practice.
  • From Peter Nicol at Squashskills: Take the ball early when you can. The earlier you can hit the ball the less time your opponent has to recover. The best players in the world do everything a little quicker than players below them and having the ability to push up the court and take the ball earlier. Try stepping up the court and hitting the ball early when you can...
  • Another from Nicol at Squashskills: Get your racket up early. This is a great example of Greg as he approaches the ball on the backhand. You can see how his racket is up nice and high above the ball. There is lots of threat and from this position he can hit long or short not meaning that his opponent cannot move until he has hit the ball...
  • Squashskills again: We look at the counter drop. When used correctly it's a brilliant way to turn defence into attack. Think about keeping things simple and trying to get the ball staying up the court and in tight to the sidewall. It's best used when you get onto the ball quickly and hit the ball when it is out in front of you.
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