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November 2013


The current squash rules have been in effect since 2001. Since then, there have been only two changes:- the major one being the move from a “hand-in hand-out” scoring system to the ‘Point-a-Rally’ (PAR); and a minor one stating that the “tin” includes “board.”

A working group was established, primarily to simplify the language, and make the rules more “user-friendly” through a more logical structure. At the WSF AGM in October, the changes were ratified and will come into effect from 1st January 2014. Although no major changes have

occurred, there have been several minor ones, which are summarized below.

  • SERVICE FAULTS – Call of “fault” for any fault on serve.
  • INTERFERENCE – Now Rule 8; has a new structure; combination of the 4 freedoms plus Let, Stroke & No Let.
  • Difference between a “request for a let” and “appeal” (against Marker’s call or lack of call).
  • SINGLE OFFICIAL – Referee may overrule self as a Marker. (Same official as a Referee thinks, “Oops, perhaps I made that call too soon…now unsure!")
  • FAIR VIEW – means enough time to view the ball and prepare to strike it, as it returns from the front wall.
  • SWING INTERFERENCE – Difference between swing “prevented” (stroke) and swing “affected” (let).
  • EXCESSIVE & EXAGGERATED SWING – “If the striker caused the interference by using an excessive swing, no let is allowed”;  “if there was interference but the striker exaggerated the swing in attempting to earn a stroke, a let is allowed”;  “the striker’s excessive swing can contribute to interference for the opponent when it becomes the latter’s turn to play the ball, in which case the opponent may request a let”.
  • Ball Hits Player – Referee’s decision in all cases.
  • ACCIDENTAL vs DELIBERATE DISTRACTION – “If accidental, a let is allowed, unless a player’s winning return was interrupted, in which case the rally is awarded to that player”; if deliberate, Rule 15 (Conduct) must be applied.
  • CROWD DISTRACTION – Now included in Rule 12; “At some events crowd reactions during play may occur. To encourage spectator enjoyment, Rule 12.3 may be suspended, and if sudden crowd noise occurs, players will be expected to continue play and referees will not ask spectators to be quiet. However, a player who stops play and requests a let because of a loud or isolated noise from off the court may be allowed a let for distraction.”
  • TIME CHANGE FOR CONTRIBUTED INJURY – “The injured player is permitted 15 minutes to recover. This may be extended by a further 15 minutes at the discretion of the Referee. If the player is then unable to continue, the match is awarded to the opponent.”
  • ACCIDENTAL vs DELIBERATE INJURY – “Where the injury is accidentally caused by the opponent, Rule 15 (Conduct) must be applied. The injured player is permitted 15 minutes to recover. If the player is then unable to resume play, the match is awarded to the injured player. Where the injury is caused by the opponent’s deliberate or dangerous play or action, if the injured player requires any time for recovery, the match is awarded to the injured player. If the injured player is able to continue without delay, Rule 15 (Conduct) must be applied.”
  • CONDUCT (Rule 15) – New Conduct Penalty Announcements:  “Conduct Smith, stroke to (other player or team) for delay of game.”
  • NEW APPENDICES – Appendix 4: Three Referee System; Appendix 5: Video Review Procedures.
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