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‘Tis time. ‘Tis time to sweep out the old, and bring in the new. ‘Tis time to commit to the resolutions so resolutely resolved amidst dancing and champaigning, feasting, flirting and mistletoe kissing at New Year’s parties. I speak for myself, when I say, “We are all sinners” but, it is said that if we acknowledge our sins, we will be forgiven, and we can move forward.  What better time, if we are to be flirteen with 2013, to re-look at ourselves and our squash game?  Where better to start than at the 7 Deadly Sins? Some suggested resolutions are offered which may take your game to another level.


Such a debilitating emotion with no positive side-effects. Wander around the courts and listen to the names that squash players call themselves... from Idiot, to “Slap chip” to other unmentionables. If Motivational Speakers’ claim that “What you say, is what you become!” is true, it is quite scary. All starts equal but as mistakes creep in, frustration sets in and imperfect shots proliferate. The anger increases. Concentration defuses and all deteriorates. Implosion awaits. And when the marker then calls against the Imploder, the implosion accelerates.

This year, I will be calm and confident and I will praise myself with positive thoughts. I will smile on the Squash Court. The Referees see the match from a different perspective and I may not always agree with them but I will treat them with respect and friendliness. And even if they call against me, I will smile. (Do you know how that works on a referee?)


We live in times of instant gratification, and when we start winning, we want more, and we want it NOW. We start looking towards the end goal. We anticipate winning, and we forget our Game Plan of how we actually came to be winning. Now, we start looking for easy points, with whizzing nicks, revolting reverse angles and chaotic cross-courts from dismal defensive situations. And the opponent crawls back, and nervousness creeps in.

This year, I will play point-for-point, stick to my game plan and be prepared to be patient, working hard for every point. I will force my opponent into mistakes. More matches are lost, than are won. This year, I will squeeze and strangle, rather than grab and gobble.


How difficult is it to get out of this Festive season slothy mode of late morning lie-ins and boozy binges? The layoff will have slowed you down, and the belly may be bulging. Bite the bullet. Waiting for fitness to “arrive” is postponing life. Use squash to retrieve your fitness.  The first step is always the hardest, the first cut the deepest. Book a court and get back into the swing. That stiff after-match bum is something to look forward to, because you know that you are back. Start slowly, and be regular.

One of our biggest sins is lazy recovery to the tee. This has a horrible snowballing effect, resulting in all sorts of other sins. Rushing to the ball, over-running, bad balance, no space to swing and enforced cross-courts.

I will book a court and organize a match this week. This year, I will focus on recovery to the tee. That will be my quickest movement. Once there, I will glide to the ball, racquet ready and prepared.


Pride comes before the fall. Squash, like all sports, is a great leveler. How often do we fall into the pit of thinking ourselves invincible after a good win or 3? How often, do we rush into a seemingly unassailable lead, and then relax, thinking, all is too easy? How often, do we under-estimate an opponent, and have to scramble, back against the wall to survive? How often is your post-match beer spoiled by the boasting of one who has just won?

This year, I will treat all opponents with respect and I will appreciate all my wins, quietly, and with humility. I will let others tell of my telling drop shots, my springbok speed and my acute agility. This year, I will respect the age-old mantra of The Best Man Won, and I will learn from my losses.


Squash players are known for their appreciation of beauty in all its forms - be it a beautiful clinging drive or a leggy lass learning the ropes. And Squash is one of the few games where female and male contest and compete together, play with and against each other. And breathe and sweat heavily together. But Squash players are disciplined, respectable folk, who see only black and white. There are no shades of grey. For them, the game provides the bodily pleasure.

 However, Lust in its broader context, is also an intense desire for money, fame or power. There is little money in the game and fame is for the very few. But Power, in squash context, can be dangerous. One of the joys of the game is to “klap” that ball at a million miles an hour, and hear that “thwack- smack” as racquet meets ball and ball meets wall. But Power corrupts, and the harder we hit the ball, the less we control it, leaving openings for the skilled, to use your power to control you and dominate the tee.

This year, I will hit the ball at 75% power. I will use tightness and control to move my opponent out of position, and only then, will I lustfully explode.


So often, we watch others and wish that that we could be like them - To control the ball like Kyle; to retrieve like Rudi; to move like Michelle. While imitation is a great way of learning, the answer to this envy lies within you. Squash is not a difficult game and you are unique. If you are prepared to work at your game, you can improve very quickly.

This year, I will analyse my game, identify my strengths and weaknesses, and spend time on court, practicing properly with targets, working on my weaknesses and making my strengths, stronger


Too much of anything is not good. Too much squash can result in burn out and boredom. Seek other pleasures to balance your life. A break now and then is good, and often you come back, playing better. As disciplined as we Squash Players are, there are times of over-indulgence when the released happy endorphins over-flow into frothy beers and post-league festivities. This normally happens when the host side has taken the time to offer catering at their club. And this is good. This is where friends are made, losses become lessons and the real goodness of squash evolves.

This year I will use other activities to help train my squash brain and I will encourage my team to cater for opposition teams. I will find 5 new players who will add to my experience and my network of friends.

Go now. You are forgiven. You are cleansed. ‘Tis time for the season. ‘Tis time to play. ‘Tis time to improve. ‘Tis time to make friends. ‘Tis time to lose. ‘Tis time to win. ‘Tis time.

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