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WP Squash

Contact PersonGlenda Erasmus

Tel:  021 674 6717
Fax: 021 674 6717
Email: administrator@wpsquash.co.za

WP Masters:
President: Andre Naude
Cel: 076-370-5436
Email: andrefnaude@yahoo.com





WP A vs SACD A (17-10)
Cameron Pilley lost to Olli Tuominen 2/3; Clinton Leeuw beat Christo Potgieter 3/1; Rodney Durbach beat Jimmy Schlebusch 3/1; Zuko Kubukeli lost to JP Brits 1/3; Rudi Willemse beat Francois Le Roux 3/2

Border A vs C Ctg A (4-20)
Tim Garner lost to Eddie Charlton 1/3; Michael Wood lost to Thoboki Mohohlo 1/3; Jason Le Roux lost to Devon Hendrickse 0/3; Kelvin Edwards lost to Mike Tootill 0/3; Michael Shean lost to Paul Atkinson 2/3

Nthns A vs KZN A (2-20)
Peter Creed lost to Steve Coppinger 0/3; Nell v d Merwe lost to Mark Krasjcak 0/3; Jan-Hendik Mulder lost to Adrian Hansen 0/3; Nico Mulder lost to Andrew Martin 0/3; Craig Ruane lost to Gary Wheadon 2/3


Green Pool
SACD B vs EP A (2-20)
Jarryd Carter lost to Mark Rogers 0/3; Thomas Jordaan lost to Rudi van Niekerk 0/3; Sheldon Erasmus lost to Zane Schwarz 0/3; Charlie Fourie lost to Kyle Schwarz 1/3; Esjee Robinson lost to Sean Bailey 1/3

WP B vs KZN B (8-14)
Richard Colburn lost to Gary Naidoo 2/3; Munro Montanus lost to Stefano Garas 0/3; Antonio Bruni lost to  Justin de Neef 0/3; Aaron Fuchs beat Grant Findlay 3/0; Neil Oosthuizen beat Wayne Kershaw 3/0

Gold Pool
FS A vs Nthns B (20-3)
Paul Rodreguis beat Craig Stephens 3/0; Jacques Swanepoel beat Charl Fourie 3/0; Tremayne McDonald beat Jason Phillips 3/1; Lawrence Kuhn beat Jacques Kruger 3/1; Richard Rodrigues beat Peter Albertyn 3/1

Midlanda A vs C Ctg B (11-16)
Justin Gouweloos beat KyleMaree 3/0; Alan McGuigan beat Paul Cresswell 3/2; Mick Gouweloos lost to Wesley Daniels 2/3; Mark Gouweloos lost to Richard Middleton 1/3; James Gouweloos lost to Sean Schouten 2/3 


WP C vs Border B (10-16)
Ed Dibden lost to Dwayne Dodd 2/3; Marco Talotti beat Jason Byrne 3/2; Kyle Brown lost to Geoff Stephen 2/3; Daniel Smith beat Luan Tlajaard 3/2; Ian Harvey lost to Jimmy van Niekerk 0/3

KZN C vs C Gtg C (19-6)
Jason Kershaw beat Simphiwe Gqibani 3/1; David Caine lost to Brett van Rensburg 2/3; Jessie Hutton beat Hannes Schoeman 3/0; Bud Takis beat Mark Dunn 3/2; Travis Rhodes beat Henri van Niekerk 3/0

Namibia vs EP B (6-16)
Marco Becker beat Stefan Euijen 3/0; Ryan Moss lost to Thami Mngcete 0/3; Norbert Dorgeloh lost to Paul Mason 0/3; Danie Greeff lost to Bonakele Nomkala 0/3; Henry Smith beat Lonwabo Sigele 3/2


Black Pool
Easterns A vs C Gtg D (17- 9)
Dylan Groenewald beat Zwelakhe Makgalemele 3/1; Grant Viljoen beat Ian Sturgeon 3/1; Michael Camden-Smith lost to Wesley Holmes 2/3; Ryan Wallis lost to Patrick Khumalo 1/3; Rolf Buhler beat Grant Whilesmith 3/1

EP C vs SACD C (6-18)
Morgan Westcott beat Heri Seyer 3/1; Warren Watermeyer lost to Wayne Sithole 1/3; Lance Petersen lost to Alwyn Venter 0/3; Alton Senekal lost to Francois Cloete 2/3; Andre Labuschagne lost to Ivor Thompson 0/3

White Pool
FS B vs Border C (10-16)
Werner Hergerth beat Nathan Leeuw 3/0; Garrett Amm beat Thean Taljaard 3/2; Jacques Malan lost to Brent Beard 0/3 Charl Myburgh lost to Jojo Shean 2/3; HP Olivier lost to Eric Kpama 2/3

Nthns C vs EP C (4-19)
Justin v d Merwe lost to Shaun Viljoen 1/3; Pieter Beukes lost to Dane Bigara 0/3; Marko Fourie beat Jacques Wessels 3/2; Cleelynd Potgieter lost to Jarryd Terblanche 0/3; Jacques van Niekerk lost to Graham Hall 0/3



WP A vs EP A (17-6)
Line Hansen beat Lizelle Goosen 3/0; Siyoli Waters beat Jacqui Ryder 3/0; Alexandra Fuller lost Elani Landman 2/3; Karen Schultz lost to Lume Landman 1/3; Sacha West beat Anlen Murray 3/0

SACD A vs KZN A (10-16)
Lauren Siddall beat Lauren Briggs 3/2; Alexa Pienaar lost to Sam Herbert 1/3; Carin Pretorius lost to Julie Lee 1/3; Heleen de Jager lost to Anne Chalmers 2/3; Marjorie Smit beat Kim Stewart 3/0

Nthns A vs C Gtg A (10-8)
Milnay louw lost to Emma Beddoes 0/3; Senade Haupt beat Diana Haynes 3/1; Cara Fourie lost to Cheyna Tucker 1/3; Robyn Baptiste beat Karen Hawyes 3/0; Megan Page beat Sharon le Roux 3/1


Red Pool
SACD B vs WP B (2-20)
Janita de Villiers lost to Zoe Durbach 1/3; Tersia du Plessis lost to Danielle van Niekerk 0/3; Leandri Sieberhagen lost to Chanel Erasmus 0/3; Celeste Swanepoel lost to Sharon Bender 0/3; Linkie van Jaarsveld lost to Gillian van Vlaanderen 1/3

Nthns B vs FS A (15-10)
Gina Gerber lost to Menanto Stoltz 0/3; Cristen Delmar beat Mariska Brits 3/2; Boipelo Montwedi lost to Candice Richter 1/3; Bronwen Reilley beat Deanne Ribeiro-Laires 3/0; Bridgette Botha beat Mariette Waldeck 3/2

Blue Pool
KZN B vs EP D (17-3)
Meghan Howard beat Erika Olivier 3/0; Janine Nelson beat Michelle Bailey 3/0; Katy Moore beat Kathy Hoy 3/0; Karen Bishop beat Christine Walland 3/0; Tracy Browne lost to Aimee Bremmer 0/3

Midlands A vs C Gtg B (18-8)
Maxine Gouweloos beat Bongi Seroto 3/0; Emily Mennie lost to Janice Harmse 2/3; Shannon v d Merwe lost to Kathryn Blake 2/3; Tayla Victor beat Laura Buck 3/2; Stacey Bone beat Siobhan Hawyes 3/0

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