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Friday 18th (Madiba’s birthday!) 

Massive interest was focused on UCT’s centre court all day Friday, as players prepared for the Laser Jarvis / Kaplan final day. The women took the stage first at 8:30am with WP firm favourites to defend the crown they won last year. Their team had swept all before them with relative ease the whole week, and it would have been a brave person to bet against them retaining the trophy. Central Gauteng however, had been almost as impressive throughout the week, and were determined to make WP work hard to achieve their goal.

Diana Haynes (C Gtg) recently became a mother, and has moved down the SA rankings. She has an impressive pedigree however, and this shone through in her match against Sacha West, who was clearly extremely nervous! Mrs Haynes won the match 3-1 to put C Gauteng in the driving seat. It was generally felt that touring professional Siyoli Waters (WP) would have too much fire-power for Cheyna Tucker, but Ms Tucker came out full of confidence and went into an early lead. Mrs Waters found her rhythm and duly won 2 straight games 11-6 11-2. Tucker wasn’t finished though, and came back to win the 4th. Shots and points were traded all the way to 10-all, and with nerves and tension high, the WP lady snuck in 12-10 to level matches at 1-1.

The hugely impressive American world no.17 Amanda Sohby (C Gtg) was simply too polished for WP’s Line Hansen. The high-class rallies were nevertheless long and hard, but the American always seemed to have just that bit more in her armoury. She has an impeccable short game that dragged Ms Hansen forward and sapped her of her energy. Central Gauteng won 3-0 to pull 2-1 ahead in matches! An inspired and aggressive Lume Landman put Karen Blom under tremendous pressure, and had soon jumped into a 2-nil lead. Blom fought back, won the 3rd and at 8-all it was still anybody’s game. A controversial let seemed to knock the stuffing out of the WP girl, and Landman managed to squeak in 12-10 for a 3-1 victory, and ultimately a team win. The women’s Kaplan Cup trophy had been secured for Central Gauteng! The final match was an anti-climax, won also by Central Gauteng. Congratulations to the Central Gauteng ladies for coming up with the goods when it really mattered.

Although attention was on court 1, there were several other great matches in the women’s A section. SACD’s Lauren Siddall and KZN’s Lauren Briggs had a tremendous tussle, with the former eventually winning 12-10 in the 5th after a quality game of squash. SACD triumphed in that fixture 4-1. The same margin of victory applied in the final A section women’s fixture where EP beat Northerns. Highlight here was once again a superb exhibition of squash, where EP’s Julia le Coq narrowly beat Milnay Louw 13-11 in the 5th.

The buzz of excitement never let up, as the men entered the arena. With ex-Jarvis player Grant Isaacs wielding the microphone, all players were introduced before each match, and interviewed afterwards too. Multiple Jarvis winner and captain of WP, Rodney Durbach was expected to beat the young pretender Andrew Martin. Martin did not agree with what the pundits thought and in determined fashion fought his way to a hard-fought and deserved 3-2 win, falling on the floor in delight upon winning! Jonathan Kemp for WP continued his successful Jarvis week, and after winning a tight tussle in the first -which could have gone either way – he easily cantered through the next two games, playing the type of squash most players can only dream of.

SA’s two top ranked players, Shaun le Roux (WP) and Steve Coppinger (KZN) next played a titanic match. When le Roux went 2-1 up, a full hour of magnificent squash had been played. But just when the capacity crowd thought the WP underdog had grabbed the ascendancy, so the Natalian responded in magnificent fashion, and went on to win 3-2 in emphatic style.

It was now looking likely that KZN might win this particular fixture, but since they had lost to Central Gauteng during the week, it would mean that each of these three Provinces would have lost 1 fixture. The rules of Jarvis in this instance then dictate, logically, that the Province with the most points, wins. Although there were still 2 matches to be completed, everybody who was mathematically inclined was feverishly busy working out the permutations of what each Province needed in order to win.

There was one person however, who knew exactly what was needed – and that was Adrian Hansen from KZN who was next on court against Zuko Kubukeli. Pride and history was at stake, as these two fierce competitors went hammer and tongs at each other, until Hansen led 10-7 and had 3 game balls. Kubukeli, known for his fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude on court, would have none of it however, and hung in to draw level, and then eventually take the 1st game 15-13. Hansen extended his arm and shook hands with Kubukeli in what the majority of the crowd thought was a concession of the match. In reality, Hansen was merely congratulating his opponent on winning the Jarvis Cup, but few in the crowd were aware of this magnanimous gesture. The two combatants came back out and again continued trading blow for blow, delighting the sizable crowd to entertaining squash, until eventually it was the WP man who proved too fit for the Natalian legend, and Kubukeli won in 5 awesome games. The fixture was tied at 2-all, but WP had won the prestigious Jarvis trophy – although few quite fully believed this! Clinton Leeuw for WP than came and put the minds of the doubters at rest with an emphatic 3-0 win over Gary Wheadon. WP thereby won the fixture 3-2, and thus remained unbeaten for the week which seals the victory anyway. Supporters broke into spontaneous song as the loss of the Kaplan Cup receded from memory.

The Inter-Provincial in not all about the winners however, and whilst the drama was happening on centre court, there were several other battles ensuing on other courts. In the contest to avoid relegation from the A section, it was 2-all when the final pairing took to court. Border’s Tristan Eysele managed to beat Northerns’ Craig Stevens in a nail-biter, much to the relief of the Eastern Cape supporters. Meanwhile on the court next door, Central Gauteng achieved commanding win against SACD, which ensured the victors of overall 2nd spot above KZN.

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